Custom Manufactured Aluminum Boat Trailers

Here at Great Lakes Aluminum Trailers, we build custom boat trailers perfectly designed to your new boat. We can also build custom trailers to fit just about any other need you might have. We make Aluminum flat bottom boat trailers, Aluminum V-bottom boat trailers, Aluminum modified V-bottom boat trailers, Aluminum catamaran boat trailers, Aluminum bass boat trailers, Aluminum jon boat trailers, Aluminum power boat trailers, Aluminum race boat trailers, Aluminum sail boat trailers, Aluminum pontoon boat trailers and Aluminum jet ski trailers. We build custom Aluminum trailers of all sizes 12' to 48'. NO BOAT IS TOO LARGE FOR GREAT LAKES ALUMINUM TRAILER! We take pride in your investment, that is what makes Great Lakes Aluminum Trailer the leader in superior trailers for your needs.

Why Great Lakes Aluminum Trailers?

At Great Lakes Aluminum Trailer, we can build you a custom boat trailer out od aluminum or steel, with any axle combination, single axel, dual axels or tripple axels complete with electric brakes or surge brakes. Have you seen the new material the bunks are made of? They have an ultra-smooth surface that wont mar the bottom and your boat will easily glide over them on or off the trailer. No more wooden rails covered with carpet. If you demand and expect the best in custom manufactured trailers, we can fulfill your every expectation. Contact us today!

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Custom Sailboat Trailers

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Custom Manufactured Boat Trailers


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Shipping Delivery


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